Leave Letters

Leave Letter to Teacher


7-9 Albert Road,

Clevedon ,

BS21 7RP


78 Shelford Road,

Nottingham ,

NG12 1AW


I request you to please grant me leave from [date] to[date].  The purpose of leave is to visit my grand parents who are in other city and they want to see me. In the near future, since there are no holidays and exams are fast approaching, I would like to take leave in this season of session, as I can study at my grand parents place.

Spending time with my grand parents is really important for me, because my childhood has been very pleasant and very good when I lived with my grand parents. So after my schooling,  I did not get an opportunity to see them.

Now they have requested my parents to send me to their place and my parents have granted permission.


During the duration of my leave, I shall surely maintain proper conduct and study my lessons properly and prepare for exams.

Kindly approve and thank you for your permission.

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