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Oakland Hill Estate,

Fryston Lane,

Knottingley ,

West Yorkshire , WF11 8SH



Cathedral Rd, Cardiff ,

South Glamorgan ,

CF11 9LP


I am deeply sad with the passing away of [specify name] on [date]. I also join you at this moment of grief and sorrow which is quite difficult to manage. Especially when every thing was looking good in your family, the sudden news has really disturbed me and I began to think about all of you.

Please accept my condolences and please do not hesitate to contact me for any help that can do for your family. I am also a enclosing a cheque for [specify] for your immediate financial needs.

I shall surely make it convenient to visit your family and spend time to know more about

your future plans in giving financial stability to your family. Definitely the loss caused to you cannot be fulfilled or no one can take that place. But it is God’s will and we have to abide by this fact. Please contact me and I will surely respond to you.


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