Promotion Letters

Letter for Asking Promotion

126, Perth Road,

Blairgowrie ,

Perthshire ,

PH10 6EQ


Master Constructions

Tamworth Road,




This is to put forth my request asking for promotion to next higher level. As you agree, I have been in this position for more than three years and I found that my performance evaluation and services have been recognized by the management.  While I am so proud to work for the company, my present pay package and other benefits are not satisfactory.

I understand that if I am promoted to next level of employment cadre, this will improve my pay package and also I can prove more of my abilities and services in the next promotion.

Kindly accept this request letter for promotion and discuss with me about my promotion. I am enclosing a copy of my performance evaluation which is self-explanatory.

Thank you for this opportunity to write to you and surely I shall work to the best of my abilities in the near future. Please mail me or contact me for any queries or clarifications.

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