Promotion Letters

Congratulation Letter on Promotion

Avalon Court,

High St, Glastonbury ,

Somerset ,



88, Doods Road,

Reigate ,

Surrey , RH2 0NR


This is to congratulate you on the eve of your promotion given to you by the company. We appreciate your services to the company and we hope that you will continue to contribute a good portion of your services for the growth and excellence of organisation.

It is truly a great privilege to have you in this company and as a person and also an employee, you have proved a good worth of yourself.

We understand that this promotion was really important for you and we are sure that you are enjoying and celebrating your promotion to the fullest.

We encourage and inspire you to continue to excel in this promotion and we will surely support you and guide you throughout your employment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance in your duties and responsibilities.

We appreciate your efforts and congratulate you once again for the wonderful service given in the past.



Promotion Letters

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