Promotion Letters

Promotion Letter from Employer


Joel Larry

85 Russell Road,

Rhyl , Clwyd ,

LL18 3DS


Golden Lane,


SA 71 4PR

Congratulations ! You have been promoted to the next level of employment and we are so proud of your performance in the past.  We hope and trust that you will utilize this opportunity to prove and give your services in the most preferred manner.

We appreciate your hard work and efforts and encourage you to continue to give the best for a future period of time.  A copy of your new employment offer letter which details about your salary, benefits and other facilities is enclosed herewith for your reference.

Please sign and return as a token of your acceptance.  While we appreciate your services, you are expected to join and report to your next job within ten days and also get a good understanding of your new duties and responsibilities and also get an exchange of communication with colleagues.

Once congratulations and wishing you all the very best for your future success.

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