Legal Letters

Legal Engagement Letter


John Williams,

Williams and Co,


June 05, 2011

Dear Mr. John,

Sub- Letter of Engagement for Legal Services

We with this letter would like to inform you that we from here onwards would be acting as your legal adviser and would be representing and counseling you on your requirement.

We are expecting our retainer charges of $5000 which is to be paid before signing of deal. As far as hourly fee is concerned you would be liable to us $500 for the first 10 hours which will be covered under the retainer charges.

Our legal work would include negotiation with client, preparing legal documents, legal analysis if required, handling cases at court and more if required.

If our attorney works for you for less than 10 hours for as required by the contract we will refund you the balance amount from the retainer fee.


Advocate Joseph Moore

Moore Law Co,


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