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Legal Forms Demand Letter

Name of Sender,

Name of company,

Address of Company,


Name of Recipient,

Name of Company,

Address of Recipient,

Dear Mr.

Sub- Legal forms demand letter

I with this letter would like to give legal notice under section and Act (mention the section and Act of State Laws) for the delivery of goods for which we have made advance payment in March 2011.

We have already sent you several reminders in this respect and also request for the refund of advance payment that we had made.

We have yet not received any response to any of our letters. So we have decided to adopt legal forms demand to our delivery and hereby give you time of 15 days either for the delivery of goods or for the repayment of advance that we had made.

We expect that you would comply with my notice would like to take appropriate action against who has been responsible for this and will avoid the further legal action against you.

Thank you,


Name of Sender

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