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Job Offer Letter


Jack Carlos

8/23 Linkin Road

Washington DC

Date: January 24 2012

Dear Jack,

Subject: Job offer for the position of Soft Skills Trainer

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to work with our Training Team. We are offering you the position of a Soft Skills Trainer at our organization.

You would directly be reporting to the Training Head.

Your salary and other remunerations have been decided based on the package you were getting at your previous organization. The details about the same are given on the next page.

We would like you to join from February 1st 2012. Please sign a copy of this offer letter and return it to us as an acceptance of this job offer. We are confident that you would be able to meet our expectations. ABC Group looks forward to a long association with you.

Thanks and Regards,

Caroline Austin

HR Manager

ABC Group Ltd.


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