Confirmation Letters

Insurance Confirmation Letter


Norman Creed

34 Aspen High Street

New York, New Jersey 6700

Dated: 2nd of March 2012

Subject: Confirmation of your insurance policy

Dear Mr. Creed,

This is in regards to your application for car insurance in our organization. We would like to inform you that your car insurance has been confirmed.

We have gone through the insurance form that you had submitted to us along with the necessary documents. This was followed by an inspection of your car by our investigator officer. We found your car to be in proper working condition.  It meets all the necessary requirements.

Your car insurance policy number will be CI234 and your monthly amount of premium is $200 which you will have to pay at the beginning of the month.  Your insurance period starts from 10th of March 2012 and will have a lock in period of one year.

Thanking you,

Jack Ripper

Policy Department Head

Lombard General Insurance Limited.

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