Confirmation Letters

Income Confirmation Letter


Neil Blue

34 First Turn Lane

New York, New Jersey 5688

Dated: 23rd of February 2012

Subject: Confirmation of income for the job

Dear Neil,

This letter is in regards to your income that you are supposed to receive for providing vendor service to our organization. We would like to inform you that the income amount that you had quoted for providing your services has been confirmed.

You had a meeting with our organization on 20th of February 2012 regarding supplying food to our cafeteria. We usually test the service of a vendor for a week’s time and if we are satisfied by their service we confirm them on permanent basis and we do not pay any amount during the testing period. But, we have reviewed your reputation in the market and impressed by it, so we have agreed to pay you the amount quoted by you during the one week observation period.

Thanking you,

Linda Barn

Administration Manager

GL Technologies.

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