Confirmation Letters

Internship Confirmation Letter


Naomi Watts

Yankee housing Society

23 Tea Garden Road

New York, New Jersey 6789

Dated: 3rd of March 2012

Subject: Confirmation of internship as graphics designer

Dear Naomi,

This is in regards to the interview that you had appeared for to work as an intern for our organization.  You would be doing your internship in the graphic designing department.

We have reviewed your independent projects and educational qualification for the position of an intern.  Your independent work had professional touch which was impressive. We agree that by working in a reputed organization like ours will help you learn a lot. If you excel in your internship period we may hire you as a permanent employee of our organization.

Your internship will be for a total period of six months beginning from 8th of March 2012. You will have to report to office at 10 in the morning on that date.


Jack Daniels

Chief designer

Robotic Graphics

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