Confirmation Letters

Church Confirmation Letter


Brett Lee

New Rise Apartments

A wing, Flat no. 301, 3rd floor

21 Roger Moore Road

North Ireland, New Carolina 7490

Dated: 12th of February 2012

Subject: Confirmation of church for marriage purpose

Dear Mr. Lee,

This is in regards to your application for booking the church for the purpose of marriage on 15th of February 2012. We would like to inform you that your booking has been confirmed.

You had sent us a written application on 31st of January 2012. We checked the calendar for our list of annual programs. We found that there was no program or booking on 31st of January 2012. So we can confirm your booking.  We also have our church priest who would conduct the marriage ceremony and observe the exchange of vows.

Your booking begins from 10 in the morning and ends in at 5 in the evening. We would like to bless the groom and the bride.


Father John

Angel Church

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