Confirmation Letters

Child Support Confirmation Letter


Jenny Waters

Support Department Head

Child Relief and You

12 Tango Charlie Street

Sin City, Los Angeles 4567

Dated: 4th of March 2012

Subject: Confirmation for child support

Dear Jenny,

This in regards to the application sent by your organization to make donation for the child support program carried out by your team.  We would like to confirm that we agree to provide child support to the children in your organization.

Our organization has always been involved in charity work. We make donations every year to various orphanages and old age homes. We have reviewed and researched about your organizations. It is a great initiative taken by your team. We would be eager to provide support to the helpless children of your organization so that they can lead a better life.

We would not only provide support in form of cash but will also provide text books and garments.


Ridley Scott

General Manager

Gas Garments

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