Confirmation Letters

Attendance Confirmation Letter


Neville Lee

Projects Manager

West Ton Technologies

45 Hilly Billy Lane

New Land, United Kingdom 7467

Dated: 12th of February 2012

Subject: Confirmation of attendance

Respected Mr. Lee,

This is in regards to your attendance during office hours for the period of 10th of January 2012 to 10th of February 2012. We would like to confirm that you have one hundred percent attendance during that time period.

We had a doubt about your absence on 25th of January 2012 and 27th of January 2012, but you had claimed that on those days you had directly reported to the site instead of reporting at office. We have cross checked that with all your colleagues present at the site on those days and they have confirmed about your presence on those days.

We will make the necessary changes in your attendance sheet after which it will be confirmed officially that you had one hundred percent attendance.


Tom Hanks

HR Manager

West Ton Technologies

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