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Information Request Letter Example


The site manager,

HG constructions ltd


Person in-charge,

ER construction material firm

Dear sir/ madam,

This letter has been drafted to make you aware of the fact that the tender which you have put forward for providing the construction materials for our construction company, has been considered by the construction management. The main intent of this letter is to request for some basic information regarding the construction materials and the format of the delivery of the materials to the construction company.

The information regarding the payment of the dues and the mode of the payment in which the construction material firm of yours accepts the payment should also be provided in the response to this information seeking letter. We would like to get a list from your side portraying the assignments which you have undertaken till date. This letter has been drafted to 2 more construction material firms and the selection of the firm will be based on the information provided by them in the response letter.

Yours truly,

The site manager.

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