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Tender Request Letter

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Mr. Ottowa,

The sales manager,

Extremo T shirts ltd


The branch head,

SSZ couriers

Dear sir/ madam,

I, Mr. Ottowa, the sales manager of the Extremo T shirts ltd, am drafting this letter to put forward a request for the tender application for providing the uniform for the staff of your courier company. We are the experts in providing the uniforms and we have considerable experience in the field of providing and customising the uniform for different firms and organizations. Not only the t shirt and the trousers but also all the required accessories shall be customised and shall be summed up in the entire uniform for your staff.

Besides the uniform, we also customise logos for the firms and emboss them in the conspicuous parts of the uniform. The quotation details of the tender application are enclosed along with the letter. We have had considerable experience and the previous job accomplishments are also enclosed along with the letter in complete detail. Hoping for a future together,

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Ottowa

Download Tender Request Letter



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