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Income Tax Letter

Thomas and Thomas Inc,

New York- 11711


June 04, 2011

Dear Mr. Thomas,

The objective of this letter is to assist you in the preparation of your tax return for the financial year 2010. You have been filing your return for last 10 years and we hope that you are well aware of the documents and information required to prepare income tax return for the year.

However, there have been certain changes in the income tax rules that you need to get aware of by reading the attached rule book with the letter.

You need to keep ready all the necessary income and expenses vouchers for determining your real income for the tax computation.

It will also be convenient for us if you keep ready all your investment and donations paper for claiming the tax abatement based on the same.

If you have already done all these things then give prompt reply to this letter.

Thank You,

Sincerely yours,

David Jones

( Manger of IT solutions NY)

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