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Council Tax Letter

Mark Davis,

Atlantic Beach, 5001



June 04, 2011

Dear Mr. Mark

Sub- Letter for the reminder of Council Tax Amount

Ref- House No. 5001/ Atlantic Beach

With the end of the year this letter is being sent to you to remind you your council tax liability on your house is computed as $500. The amount of the council tax has been computed with new tax policy passed by the members of local authority to be followed from this year onwards.

Delay in the payment of council tax will subject to penalty of 10% on total tax liability and 20% on the tax liability for non-payment tax liability.

The last date of payment of council tax is June 30, 2011. Payment prior to June 20 will subject to 10% rebate on the tax amount.

Thank You,


Robert William

(Revenue Head, NY Municipal Corp)

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