Cancellation Letters

Hotel Meeting Cancellation Letter


Eric Bob

123 Red Block, Park Street

Main Building, Lavender floor

Buckingham, UK

10th August 2012

Subject: Cancellation of the hotel meeting, as scheduled for 20th August 2012.

Respected Mr. Bob,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the board of directors of UNICORN Company. I am writing to inform you that the meeting that was scheduled on 20th August 2012 at “Wisdom Tree Hotel” is cancelled.

Some of the attendants, who were invited to attend the meeting at the hotel, have notified us that they won’t be able to mark their presence on the scheduled date due to some urgent appointments or prior work commitments. Without the presence of all the members, the meeting would not meet the required objective. Due to the above mentioned reasons, organisers of the meeting have decided to cancel it and shift it to a more favourable date.

The meeting will be rescheduled at the same venue that is “Wisdom Tree Hotel”, the next week or the next to next week. Our secretary would give you a call to check your availability and schedule a meeting as per the convenience of all.

I hope that the cancellation of the meeting has not caused problems in your schedule and plans. You will be reverted soon about the re-plan of the meeting.

Thanks for your support and consideration.


Ronny Noelle


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