Cancellation Letters

Facility Cancellation Letter


Mr. George Henry


Glory Morning School

Park Avenue Street


25th of August, 2012

Sub:  Request for cancellation of bus services for my child

Respected Sir,

I am Mr. Matthew Gomes, father of Charles Gomes, a student of your school studying in class 5A. I am writing this letter to kindly request you to please cancel the bus facility provided to my child from 1st of September, 2012.

My son, Charles Gomes has been availing the school bus services since 2010 as I could not drop him and pick up from school as I was on an official project where I had to move from one city to another very frequently.

Now, since I have changed by job and I am working full time in London, I can manage to drop and pick up my son from the school and thus wish to cancel the services. I have already paid for the services in advance till 31st of September, 2012 and thus request the authorities to kindly refund one month advance which I have paid.

Please let me know if I need submit any other document or have to fulfil any other formality for the cancellation of the facility.


Matthew Gomes


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