Grievance Letters

Grievance Resignation Letter


Michelle Osborn,

North Carolina 27013


Melvin Clan,

Wisconsin 50024.

Hello Mr. Wilson,

This is to your notice that I, Michelle Osborn, am offering resignation from my post of Technical Head on the date of August 22, 2009.  Though this step is unfortunate in my life considering that I was expecting great career scope for the past many years, but is unavoidable due to main reason being my grievances unresolved.  Truly, there were some help pouring in from many quarters of my department, but from the top management there has been no active involvement to solve the issue.

Considering that the issue has been relatively come a long time ahead, I therefore would not be in a state of position to take any further of these grievances at this point of my life.  The necessary address has been made to all the respective departments and also to very top management team, but nothing so far has come to my rescue and also to help me out in certain ways.  Hence, this extreme step needs to be accepted anyhow.

Yours Truly,

Michelle Osborn

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