Hardship Letters

Financial Hardship Letter Mortgage


William Smith,

North Carolina 20045


Calvin Dan,

Mortgage Bank of America

North Carolina 50235.

Hello Sir,

Very first, I would like to congrats you for your long period of consistent positive service to many of your clients.  At this moment, I, William Smith, would be in a need to get rid of my financial worries which are taking toll on my personal life too.  I, hereby, decided that I need a real solution to my financial burden to be eased out by taking a mortgage for a very short period of time.

Though I cannot guarantee myself in a very short period of time to fulfill my much awaited project execution, I decided that this is the right time to get in mortgage very soon to end the drought of happiness coming in my life, which will be there very soon after the successful completion and execution of the project.  I, therefore, would like your help and cooperation in every aspect of this kind.  I would certainly be appreciative of your efforts being taken very quick and prompt considering the state of my problem.

Yours Sincerely,

William Smith

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