Hardship Letters

Financial Hardship Letter Example


Michael Chang,

Wisconsin 53024


David Snot,

Eco-Paints  Commercial Ltd.,

North Carolina 50885.

Dear Mr. David,

It has been a wonderful journey of my working life with your company since past many years now.  I am really enthusiast about my new role as a member of management team.  Though, at this point, I would like to bring to your notice that my financial difficulties are getting a bit worse and, therefore, I would like to take the necessary precautions before it can really affect my work.  Since I am just now getting inducted as a member in management team and would take a limited time to remedy my problem, I would appeal to the top management authority to help me out in this critical phase of my life.

Briefing you about my main intention to get noticed from your organization, I therefore believe that our company would try its best to get it solved by somehow.  Your efforts towards this direction will be appraised towards the well being of human kind.

Yours Truly,

Michael Chang

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