Grievance Letters

Grievance Letter Template


Janet Matt,

Wisconsin 53774


Melvin Clan,

Wisconsin 53704

Hello Mr. Sam,

I, Janet Matt, would like to bring to your notice the very unfortunate incident happened at your office.  I would like to bring this at your knowledge at this very early stage because every now and then it happens to be same thing with my other colleagues who are facing the same brunt.

The most important fact is that one of our colleagues, whose name is Johnson Whack, is having better relationship with top management team members, is getting in our way of work irrespective of nature and purpose of the work.  We, therefore, would like your intervention and necessary steps to be taken in this matter for a smooth functioning of our team as a whole.  So, we as a team together would be appreciative of your cooperation in this regard for a quick resolution and further maintenance of level playing situation for each member in our team in coming times for better result achievement.

Yours Truly,

Janet Matt

(Supervisor – Technical Department )

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