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All my dear colleagues,

As many of you are already aware that I am leaving this company in next week. The reason behind leaving this job is that I have got a better job than this one in another company and I suppose to join that by next Monday. With this letter I would like to bid goodbye and thank to you all who stood beside me and helped me in my hard time.

I would especially like to thank Johnny who always ate away my lunch in my absence. He thinks that I don’t know about it but I know him very well.

I would like to remember all the moments which we have enjoyed in this company together. I am going to miss your jokes and funny quotes which have been giving some moments of laughing in hectic schedule.

It has been really amazing to be part of my life all of you. Feel free to contact me on mobile or email id whenever you need help from me.

Good my friends,

Yours faithfully,


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