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Saying Goodbye Love Letter

My Dear Love,

It is really hard to bid you goodbye as you know that you are in my heart, you just wanders around in my mind, so bidding you goodbye is hard nut to crack for me. My heart has been beating for your and will always beat for you.

Our love had reached to the high level whenever we went through our hard time. But everything has got some end point in this world and so our relationship.

It is really painful for me to get away from you. I don’t know how I will live my life ahead without you. I have not been wished to live any day without you.

I am sending you my last message to you by this letter as I am not able to meet you to bid you good bye.

Whenever I will get time to meet you I would make every possible effort to meet you.

Good bye my sweet and hearty love,

Yours and only Yours,


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