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Lily Silly

Sweet Flower Shop

21 Lenin Lane

New York, New Jersey 6700

Dated: 12th of February 2012

Subject: Cancellation of order of flowers

Dear Lily,

This is in regards to the flowers that I ordered at your flower shop on 10th of February 2012. I would like to cancel the order number NY/15 /2/2012/3838.

I had ordered for a bouquet of white roses and also a bouquet of white lilies which were supposed to be delivered on 15th of February. I had made the total payment in advance which was an amount of $40. I would please request you to please refund the amount after deducting your booking charges of $5. I would send someone along with the bill to collect the amount.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused as the person to whom I was sending the flowers on his birthday will not be in town that day. Sorry once again and will surely order flowers from your shop in future.

Thanking you,

Lenny Bin.

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