Cancellation Letters

Cancellation of Gym Membership


Regina King

Administration Department Head

Gold Gym Limited

Times Square Branch

12 Old School Street

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 5678

12th February, 2012

Sub: Cancellation of gym Membership

Dear Miss. King,

I would like to inform you that I want to cancel my membership with your gym.  I am an annual member of your gym and my membership number is GG 456.

I had registered with your gym as an annual member and had made a full payment of my membership fees on 10th of December 2011 and accordingly my membership is supposed to expire on 9th of December 2012. I would have loved to continue my membership but since I am moving out of town for 2 years due to my work schedule I will not be able to continue my membership.

I would request you to approve the above cancellation and refund my membership fees. Sorry for the inconvenience and I assure that in future I would surely join your gym when I will come back to town.

Thanking you,

Henry Cooper.

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