Cancellation Letters

Cancellation Letter


Tom Moody

Sales department head

Tele Brands Company

56 Aspen High Street

York Shire, United Kingdom 5890

Dated: 10th of February 2012

Subject: Cancellation of order

Dear Mr. Moody,

This in regards to the order placed with your tele brand online company for a piece of abs rocker on 7th of February 2012. I would like to cancel the order for that particular product.

My order number is AR456 which I had ordered through telephone by calling on your toll free number.  I have now realized that I don’t need the ab rocker. My friend is using it and the review that I have got her is not good. I have decided to go for free hand exercise. I understand that I have to pay cancellation charges for this reason. I am ready to pay the cancellation charges.

I would surely buy products from you in future which will be of help to me.


John Lennon

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