Cancellation Letters

Event Cancellation Letter


Ian Ridley,

Event manager


Teachers’ club,

New Model School,


Dear teachers,

I, Ian Ridley, the event manager for the annual gathering of the teachers of New Model School, am writing this letter to attract your attention to the fact that the event which was scheduled on 12th of this month has been cancelled with immediate effect. The reason for this cancellation is quite grave and shall be discussed in a meeting in future. The letter also carries an enclosure which has a cheque of 110$.

The cheque, whose number is 728793, is for the refunding of the amount which you have paid as an advance for organising the event. The advance paid was 95$, which is incorporated in the cheque amount; while the remaining sum of 15$ is being given as an apology for cancellation of event. However, we would be proud enough if any future event associates us. I assure you that there would be no scope for any grievance in future.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Ridley.

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