Cancellation Letters

Cheque Cancellation Letter


Mr. Carter,

Bank manager,

ICUC bank,

Jacksonville, Florida.


Mr. Joy,

B 7, Street no 8,

Draker Beach,


Dear Mr. Joy,

I, Mr. Carter, the bank manager of the Jacksonville branch of the ICUC bank, am writing this letter to let you know that the application which you have submitted for a cheque book facility for the bank account no. 82640284 has been cancelled. The reason for the cancellation is that the documents requirement for the cheque book facility has not been fulfilled in correct regard from your side.

It would be very convenient for both the sides, that is, the bank as well as to you, if all the document requirements are reviewed properly and then re-submitted so that there is no scope for further cancellation of the application for cheque book. The bank is more than willing to provide you the service which you have demanded through the application you made, as soon as the formalities are successfully fulfilled. Hoping that the needful would be done from your side as well,

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Carter

(Bank manager)

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