Cancellation Letters

Membership Cancellation Letter


Jake Taylor,

Gym manager,

Fitness freak’s gym


Mr. Rossi,

House no. 8,

Boulevard corner,


Dear Mr. Rossi,

I, Jake Taylor, the gym manager of the Fitness freak’s gym, am writing this letter to make you informed that your membership in the gym has been cancelled. This cancellation has been put into effect only after a long contemplation. The dues on the membership which you possessed have increased leaps and bounds; and those are needed to be cleared as soon as possible. The gym has also taken the possession of the locker which was granted to you.

This letter is also the final reminder for the payment to be made from your side. The gym does not want to take any stern action and will wait for the moment till the situation becomes desperate. Consider the gravity of the situation. Once the dues are settled, the gym would be opened to you and the possession of the locker will also shift in your hands; until then the membership stands cancelled.

Yours truly,

Jake Taylor.

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