Certification Letters

Engineering Certification Letter


Planning Department

City of New York

New York

Date: 23rd June 2012

Subject: Engineering Certification Letter

To whom it may concern

This letter is to serve as an Engineering Certification that the construction, remodeling, paving, and wiring of the Green Tech Valley office off 56th and 35th Street have been completed according to the plans put forward by me. There have been no changes introduced from the basic plan which was submitted to the Planning Department [reference number 45/B/6346] on the 23rd of June 2010. The materials used, costs required and the duration of remodeling have remained the same as those specified in the original plan.

The building has been examined by our experts and I declare it to be safe for usage and residence. I hereby agree to read and subscribe to the terms and conditions of the Engineering Certification letter.

Thanking you,

Samuel Richardson,

Chief Project Supervisor,

Green Tech Valley

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