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Employees Contract Letter


The management,

ITOL Company ltd


The Employees’ Union,

ITOL Company ltd

Dear people,

This letter is being made on the behalf of the entire management of the ITOL Company ltd. The main purpose of drafting this letter is to make you people aware of the fact that there are certain amendments due in the employee contract. As promised in the last annual gathering to the Employees’ Union, the bond which an employee needs to sign while entering into the organization has been reduced to a period of 18 months from the earlier period of 24 months.

There are other amendments as well, which the management intends to put light on in this letter. The apron for the processing unit employee has been made obligatory to wear, failing to which it would be termed as a breach of contract. The same is in the case of other protective equipments for all the employees. This is for putting all the accidental incidents to an immediate halt.

Yours truly,

The management,

ITOL Company ltd.

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