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Extension Of Contract Letter

Mr. Gould,

The human resource officer,

ZYCLAUSE InfoTech ltd


The principal,

Ecstatic Engineering College

Dear sir/ madam,

I, Mr. Gould, the human resource officer of the ZYCLAUSE InfoTech ltd, am drafting this letter for the proposal of the extension of the contract between your college and our organization. As you may be aware of the contract that the contract has reached its rime as far as the time period of the contract is concerned. ZYCLAUSE InfoTech ltd is in the favour of extending the contract with some amendments in its clause.

The minimum no of engineers which the organization recruits every year can be increased on the grounds of some leverage in the bond clauses of the recruitment contract. These clauses can be contemplated later on. This letter is just to invoke the extension process of the contract. The management of the ZYCLAUSE InfoTech ltd is expecting a reply in this context as soon as possible from your side, so that the future steps can be contemplated upon.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Gould.

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