Contract Letters

Contract Appointment Letter


Ms. Jane Quattrochi,


ATRixm Mall


Mr. James Gould,

House no 14,

Croutch Residency,

Miami, Florida.

Hello Mr. James,

This letter has been drafted to let you know that you have been chosen for the appointment to the post of junior marketing manager in the ATRixm Mall. The letter also serves as an elucidation on the details of the contract related to this appointment. The first and the foremost thing, which you were even made aware of during the interview session, is that after confirming the appointment to the post, you would not be able to leave the job at least for a period of 18 months.

This would be mentioned in the clause no 18 of the appointment contract. Since this is a reputed Mall in the city, you would be required to maintain the dress code on all the days of your job, except the selected days mentioned in the contract. There is no scope of any breaching of any clause of the contract. Welcome to the ATRixm Mall.


Ms. Jane Quattrochi

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