Condolence Letters

Effective Condolence Letter


Mr Graeme,

Pensioner’s Club,

Oriental Bank of Commerce,

New York


Mr Stevenson,

A-13, Sterling Drive,

New York

Dear Mr Stevenson,

This letter has been drafted to express heartfelt condolences for the bereavement of your wife. We realise what it means when a person who has been with you is suddenly lost to the hands of Destiny. But, your wife has met an ideal sunset in the arms of the beloved husband with content in her eyes for the support and love which you have rendered to her all your life.

The void created by the loss of your wife can never be fulfilled by anyone. However, you have all your family and us for your support in these times of sorrow. You need to calm yourself and make sure that your family sees the brighter light for the future, since it would be the only thing which your wife would have wanted. We would always be with you for support and care, even in these times of sorrow. Always supporting you,

Mr Graeme

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