Condolence Letters

Condolence Letter Death Aunty



D-12, Wellington Drive,



Mr Fraser,

F-1, Galaxy Towers Apartments,

Bridgeton Archway,


Dear Uncle,

I convey my heartfelt condolences for the demise of Aunt Petunia. This has been a severe loss to the entire family and we are all saddened by this act of Destiny. I feel very helpless and I know everyone else is feeling the same way since nothing prevails in front of Destiny. Aunt Petunia always used to say to go for the brighter side of the horizon and leave the gloomier horizon for Lord to take care of. God will make sure that her soul rests in peace for she had never done anything wrong and only taught to do everything right to face our conscience.

I just wish to convey that I will always be there for you. And whether times of difficulties or gloom, you will always find me with you. I pray God to give immense strength to Ron and you to face these times of sorrow and despair.

Always there,


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