Condolence Letters

General Condolence Letter


Mr Thompson,

Marketing manager,



Mr Richards,

Head of Marketing Department,


Dear Mr Richards,

This letter conveys heartfelt condolences on behalf of the entire marketing department for the loss of your wife. The department submits its support and strength to you in these times of difficulty. We are aware that such a grave loss on the personal front can never be satiated by our support. However, we would stand with you in times of difficulty and sorrow.

I would like to mention that you need not care for the professional commitments and I assure you that we shall handle everything. Your family needs you and your support more than anything else and we completely respect this. You have always taught us to look for light when despair and sorrow; and we hope that God elucidates a way to you and your family to vent the sorrow and despair caused by Destiny. We all pray for your wife’s soul to rest in peace, calm and contention.

Yours supportively,

Mr Thompson

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