Warning Letters

Disciplinary Warning Letter


Michael Andrews

Sr. Executive

Marketing Department

ABC Enterprises

29 Main Building
Cane Island, Florida

Date: January 30th 2012

Subject: Warning for violating the company’s code of conduct
Dear Mr. Andrews,
This letter is being issued to you for your loathsome behaviour. I am referring to the incident that happened during the training session yesterday afternoon. We understand that the person conducting the training session was not well versed with a certain topic that had to be covered. However, this does not mean that you would go on and humiliate her for this.

There is a certain manner in which our employees are expected to behave during their office hours. There is a decorum that needs to be maintained while we are on duty. But you seem to have forgotten the code of conduct that the company follows.

I suggest you to take this warning very seriously as such misconduct would not be tolerated in future.


Jennifer Brown

Head HR

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