Warning Letters

Employee Warning Letter


Nancy Mathews

Assistant Manager

Training Department

QSR Enterprises

62 Charles Road

Nottingham, UK

Date: 30th January 2012

Subject: Warning for poor performance

Dear Ms. Mathews,

This letter is being issued to you as a warning for giving poor performance during the last month. We reviewed the various parameters you are judged on and found that you scored low in all of them. This has come as a surprise to the management as it has been just 2 months that you have been promoted for excellent performance. You have been given a responsible position and the expectations are high from you and your team.

You must be aware about the action that the management can take against you if you continue with this kind of performance for the next two months. An employee performing poorly throughout the quarter is subject to demotion.

I expect you to start taking your new role more seriously and focus on giving good results.


Mary D’silva

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