Warning Letters

Employment Warning Letter


Roger Mathews

Sr. Executive

Sales Department

XYZ Enterprises

24 Circle Building

Liverpool, UK

Date: January 30th 2012

Subject: Warning for violating the company’s code of conduct

Dear Mr. Mathew,

This letter is being issued to you as a warning for misbehaving with your team leader.

Your team leader is the person you report to and he has full authority to question you on your performance. However, we observed that you responded to his question in a very rude manner yesterday. The kind of behaviour displayed by you is strictly against the company norms.

We conduct a session to make our employees aware about the company policies and code of conduct at the time of joining our organization. You too had attended one such session as a part of your joining process and must be well aware about the way you are expected to behave during the office hours.

This time we are just issuing a warning letter for your misconduct. However, such misbehaviour shall lead to serious repercussions in future.


Mary Johns

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