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Deepest Sympathy Condolence Letter

Dear Suzanna,

I am saddened and depressed by hearing the news of bereavement of your mother, Lily. Lily has been such a nice person at heart and she thoroughly didn’t deserve to see such a grim face of time. I can understand what loss of mother means. However, nothing can be done for the tide which has passed can never be touched again.

I know neither me nor anyone else can make up for the loss which you have suffered, but remember whenever in times of difficulty, you would always find me for support. I pray Lord for granting peace to Lily’s soul and giving you strength to face these tough times. There will come brighter times. All you need to have is faith and belief. I know it is difficult to keep up with your faith after such a setback. But, time would repair for what time has wrecked. Always there for you,

Aunt Petunia

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