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Christian Condolence Letter


Father Angell,

St Mary Church,



Mr Simpson,

D-12, Privet Drive,


Dear Mr Simpson,

The Church expresses heartfelt condolences on the death of your father, Mr Warren. Nothing can be done in front of God’s will. May be this was the time God chose for giving heavens to your father. We put all our strength and support with you in times of difficulty and sorrows. Time is only the remedy and the way for repair of the loss which time has incurred on you and your family.

Never lose faith in God and yourself. Your father lives within you and your memories and you need to preserve and care for what he wished for you and your future. Aim for brighter horizon rather than the gloomy side and make everything happen which your father wished to bring in reality for you. We pray God to make your father’s soul rest in peace. Never will dawn the day when God will not be for your support.

Supporting you,

Father Angell

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