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Condolence Letter Death Father

Dear Brandon,

This is Uncle Sam expressing grief and sorrow for the loss incurred by destiny on you and our family. There is nothing that can be done to bring back what has been lost. For the last month, Peter’s health has deteriorated a lot and doctors have made the intimation that this was inevitable. Peter has been a great source for support for the entire family. And with his bereavement, the onus rests on you.

I will always be there for everything, even if I know that neither I nor anyone on land can fulfil the void created in mind and soul by Peter’s loss. See son, time will heal the wound which has happened in the wake of Destiny. Lord will make sure that Peter’s soul rests in peace. You need to take care of your mother and sister since after Peter; you are only source of support for them. Always there,

Uncle Sam

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