Condolence Letters

Sympathy Condolence Letter


Mrs Stevenson,

D -12, Privet Drive,



Melissa Grant,

E -7, Whistling Winds Apartments,

St William’s Archway,


Dear Melissa,

I was shocked and sorrowed to hear the demise of Richard. Destiny has brought such harsh times to face. Richard has been such a nice person and what has happened is surely not what he has deserved from Destiny. However, you need to show more strength in these times. Now, Bella has only your support and if you break down then who will take care for her. I pray Lord to give you immense strength to face these times.

Look for the times ahead for what the time has stolen will come to you some day or the other, if not in the way you desired then in a way you better. I would always be there for you and Bella. From heavens, Richard would be watching you and would want to see you as strong as ever. I pray that soul of Richard rests in peace. Always there for your support,


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