Decline Letters

Decline Letter


James Watt

Rose Villa Apartments

32 Steam Engine Road,

New County 1234


Reason: Letter informing decline of credit card application

Dear Sir,

This letter is in respect to the credit card applied by you to our bank. We would like to you inform you that your credit card application has been declined.

After a prospective client submits their credit card application to us, we check their credit history recorded with various credit agencies. We also did run a credit check of your credit history. We found that your credit history is not matching the required standards in order to issue you a credit card. Your credit rating is very low. You were also blacklisted once as there was a default in your credit card payment.

I hope you understand that we have to follow few procedures for approving an application and that’s why we had to decline your application.


Nelly Furtado

Morgan Bank of Credit.

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