Credit Letters

Documentary Letter of Credit


Tyra Banks

Regional Head

Bank of Credit

Regina Towers

23 Gordon Street

Gotham City 2345

United Kingdom.

Dated: 1oth of February 2009

Subject: To issue credit on submission of documents


Respected Madam,

This letter is to apply to your financial institution for credit for the purchase made by us from the seller. In order to get the credit approved we are ready to submit the necessary documents that comply with the terms and conditions of the credit.

Our organization is an importer of coffee from Brewing Limited, the exporter which is an international organization based in Brazil. We would request you to reimburse the exporter for the goods and services provided by them. We assure that we would submit all the necessary documents before hand so that you can make the reimbursement.

I hope you understand that the above request is beneficial for our business if you approve it.

Thanking you,

John Woo

Nest Coffee.

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