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Cute friendship letter

Ms. Glenda Bloom

Gordon Dr

Naples, FL 34102

March 17, 2010

Ms. Ann Saunders

Collins Dr

Merced, CA 95348

Dear Ann,

I was filled with joy upon receiving your letter just now.  You know I miss you and the guys so much and I am so glad that you wrote.  You really are so thoughtful, friend!

I am just starting to settle down in our new home.  The place is wonderful and the neighborhood is peaceful, but it is so different from our old home and I feel homesick everyday.  Of course, I feel more so empty because you are not here.  I guess I have taken granted our friendship and I realize just how special the bond that we have formed is now that we are apart.  I know I will not be able to find another friend like you.

Please write always.  Through letters, we can catch up on stories and keep our friendship strong.



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