Friendship Letters

Poetic friendship letter

Ms. Joyce Aniston

Royal Ln

Naples, FL 34112

February 10, 2010

Mr. Voltaire Henderson

21st Ave

Cape Coral, FL 33993

Dear Voltaire,

Valentine’s is just around the corner,

I wouldn’t forget to greet you ever,

For I know that you will be lonely,

Without me there to keep you company.

I miss you to, my friend, but then

I can’t come visit you again.

This time I have to be with someone else

This time you will have to make do with this letter I send.

Do not think that I have forgotten you

Or replaced your place as special to me too

I will never forgot the wonderful moments we have shared

Nor the bad times when you were always there to help my heart mend.

Do not worry for I will make it up to you

And see you as soon as I have time to.

So keep your chin up and smile that warm smile,

As I greet you, enjoy your valentine’s!



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